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From the Desk of: KH (Founder of

Hello Fellow Trader,

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of all the gurus telling you they can show you the path to Forex riches.

The truth is that most of them are not even experienced traders!... and are only making money off selling their ‘miracle systems’. I understand that a lot of you are sick of those forex courses in the market that teaches you simple stuff that simply do not work at all.

That is why I am providing a 130% refund to anyone who can find a single fake winning trade that I have posted on my monthly performance report after taking this course. If I am able to make money with the strategies in this course, I believe that anyone can also do that as long as they follow what I teach in the course.

Once you take the course, you will be able to tell whether what I have posted on the performance report are real or not. I am so confident about what I have posted and therefore I dare to give a 130% refund for anyone who find a fake winning trade I have posted.


Let me tell you more about my journey in trading forex

I have been a full time trader since 2008 and earning consistent profits month after month since then regardless of market conditions.

However I didn't miraculously start off as a great trader.

After graduating from the university, I started working as a process engineer in a Semiconductor company. I then started forex trading in 2008 hoping to be able to quit my day job as an engineer to live the lifestyle that I desired. I then started getting into several forex courses and decided to trade live with my hard earned money which I saved over several years of working. However, my account got wiped out twice in a row costing me close to $20,000.

As I am a person who perseveres in what I believe in and I decided to study the market in more detail. In just one short year, I managed to formulate my first money making strategy and slowly, I started to formulate other strategies to increase my trading income which really allows me to quit my day job and become a full time trader at home.

Today the income that I am from trading allows me to live the lifestyle that I desire and most importantly allows me to provide the best for my family. I am able to bring them for vacation thrice a year plus I can enroll my son to a quality preschool and all these are paid by my trading income.

I am also author of several mathematics assessment books that are available in the major bookstores in my country.

Below is a media interview with me for my Mathematics book business

Like I said, I am not those marketers who are posing as a real trader by hiding behind the website. I dare to show myself and my family here in this blog of mine as I strongly believe in what my course can deliver and therefore have no reason to hide behind my website.

Picture of My Family

But, it’s my desire to train traders to be successful in the long term that inspires me to share my ‘secrets’ and I am about to share my secrets to a limited number of traders in this special trading program called Fx Street University.

In a moment I am going to show you how you can get VIP Access to my Fx Street University Program where I reveals my exact techniques and strategies that I employs in my very own trading that outperform other so called trading “gurus” time and time again.

More on this in a moment, but first…

Have you ever made some nice money trading only to give it back a few days—or even a few hours—later? I know it hurts.

Are your trades guided by fear and greed?

Do you sometimes lack control over your trades, not really knowing where to enter or exit?

Do you trade with a gambling mentality?

Did you lose your money in trading and eager to recoup them?

Think about why you're reading this letter. There's a nagging desire inside you ... a feeling that you deserve better, that you deserve to taste the good life.

If you’re tired of the never ending yo-yo of good days, bad days, up days, and down days that wind up leaving you so stressed out you just want to throw in the towel and quit trading altogether, you’re not alone.

In the next few minutes you'll get access to 'easy street'. You'll be able to make the kind of money you dream about... Let me explain...

Forex is the one market that prospers even in economic downturns. No matter what the President decides, no matter how many bosses lay-off workers......and no matter what happens anywhere in the world.

Trillions of dollars are traded daily. All you need to do is step up and claim what's yours. As long as you know what you're doing. If you wade in flashing the cash but without a plan... savvy traders will wipe the floor with you. That nest egg you shoveled in will soon disappear and you'll be left raising a fist at a cruel, cruel world.

The Good News is that…

…no matter what your situation today, whether you’ve had a rough couple of years financially, are frustrated with the leaders we have elected, have had little success in trading before, or have simply given up feeling the system is rigged…

…you are much closer than you think to putting all these frustrations behind you and becoming wealthier than you could ever imagine.

Right now I am holding in my hands something that could set you up handsomely for the rest of your life. It has the potential to be a real game-changer for anyone who wants to become a successful Forex trader—but may be feeling frustrated by the “take one-step forward, two-steps back yo-yo that so often keeps traders from making any real money.

What you are about to discover can help you make—and keep—more money trading than you ever imagined. It’s no miracle formula get rich quick scheme… It will however hand you an incredible opportunity to amass the kind of wealth you always thought was reserved for “the privileged few.”

What I am Talking About is my Fx Street University Course

It sounds so simple. Is there a catch? NO, but…

You will have to do a little bit of work before the trading profits can start rolling in.

It will require you to focus, pay attention to detail, have a willingness to learn something new, and most importantly, you will have to reprogram your instinctual behavior you have learned about trading Forex.

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I can assure you that this is the last Forex Course you ever need

When a Real World Trader with Consistent Results is Training YOU On His EXACT Techniques and Strategies that he uses in his own training you will want to listen and do exactly what he does

The Fx Street University Program is for everyone. Whether you have years of experience trading FX, been financially overexposed in the stock market, have limited time to trade every day, or are a novice trader, you will learn the technical and fundamentals that drive the FX market.

You will be equipped with everything you’ll ever need to make big money trading Forex. You’ll learn, IN DEPTH…

The Exact 8 Strategies that I am using to generate consistent profits every month

Learn how to identify the start of a trend reversal

Get the inside scoop on how to identify a level of extreme support and resistance

Gain access to my personal modified MACD and stochastic indicator

Specialized Fibonacii techniques that flip the odds in your favor every time

Increase your Risk/Reward Ratio to above 1:2, recognized as the ‘Holy Grail’ of trading

And much, much more!

I am convinced this program is going to exceed all expectations and even surpass the buzz that is going around right now on a few social media sites.

This is not some get rich quick scheme! This is the opportunity of a life time to learn from a Real Trader! A trader that has proven results and is not some marketer promising you some overnight get rich quick scheme.

This is about giving you a set of lifetime wealth-generating tools that will allow you to call your own shots for the rest of your life.

It can one day give you the freedom to work anywhere in the world you want to, and give you the means to live the life you always wanted for you and your family.

Today you have a chance to gain VIP Access to my Fx Street University Program.

I will tell you a little more about my Fx Street University program in a moment but first…

Do You Really Need 8 Strategies

The above is one question that I often received from people. So let me take this opportunity to answer this question for all of you.

The reason why I need up to 8 strategies is because the forex market consists of different market conditions and therefore it is impossible for you to trade with just one single strategy. For example, if you are using a trend strategy and the market is currently moving sideways, do you think that it will work.

Imagine you enter a trend trade based on your trend strategy in a ranging market, you will find that you will lose more than you win. Therefore different strategy caters for different market conditions and that is the only way you can make a consistent income from trading.

I usually suggest all my students to focus on 1 strategy and only move to the next one when you are able to generate profits on the demo account for 2 consecutive months.

This simply happens because most people come to Forex with the wrong mindset. They see Forex as a get rich quick opportunity, and they learn in the hardest way that Forex is not a get rich scheme.

Forex trading is a business and has to be treated like one.

Let’s see the 2 most common mistakes that can make you lose your shirt on Forex:

Mistake number 1: Treating Forex as a get rich quick opportunity: Due to the high leverage on Forex, beginners start to think that they can start with just a small amount of money and earn millions in a short time span.

Let’s be honest you are not going to become a millionaire overnight trading Forex and anyone that tells you that you will is lying to you!

Mistake number 2: Thinking that you can make money in Forex with no work at all: That’s a huge mistake. Forex is a market where most people lose money. If you want to make money at it, you need to work hard and educate yourself.

Look for just about EVERY successful trader out there, having been ACCOUNTABLE TO A MENTOR, moved us all from struggle to success.

You need to invest in good trading tools and have a mentor or coach who can not only encourage you, but teach you the right way to do it from the start.

Here Are What Traders Just Like YOU Are Saying:


9th Anniversary Time Limited Promotion


To mark the 9th anniversary of my blog, there is a $100 discount off this course plus a bonus that is specially added into this promotion.

I am also giving away this 30 days free trial of my Forex BTB Signal Service (worth $97) for anyone who purchase this course during this anniversary promotion which will end by the end of this month.

Note: Do note that you do not have to utilize this 30 days trial immediately after joining the course. I understand that some of you guys do not have an account yet. Therefore there is no time limit when you must use this trial. You can join the course and then use the trial 3 months or 6 months later when you find you are ready.

Do note that this bonus will be gone after the 8th anniversary promotion

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At the end of the 30 days, you can then decide whether you want to stay in this service or not. 

If you decide to stay in the service, you will be charged for it. Do note that this service comes with a "Pay Only For At Least 5% Profits" policy.

You will only pay the fee when the service makes you at least 5% at the end of the month. If it is not profitable or it makes you less than 5% profits for the month, you will not have to pay the fee for using the service.

In fact, this is the only place where you will get such a policy where you only pay when you make a profit.

The main purpose of this service is to help students to recoup back their previous losses and help them to grow their account by a few hundreds to thousands every month while they learn how to trade from me.

Do note that you can stay in the service for as long as you want but I personally prefer you to learn how to trade from me and one day be able to trade for yourself without using this service.


Fx Street University is Giving You Access to Enter the Mind of an Experienced FX Trader And Trainer And Benefit from Both Sides of his Experience

I have been trading professionally since 2008 and has been profitable consistently month after month since 2009.

Most importantly I have been training new trader via my forex blog and also through my youtube channel which has already accumulated over 400,000+ views by traders over the world!

I am sharing with you my secrets and strategies that have enabled me to be consistently profitable with my Forex Street University Program.

12 Comprehensive Modules - Where I go in depth into different strategies and 4 different special trading techniques that will enable you to consistently profit no matter what the market conditions are.

Here is a brief break down of what you will learn in each in-depth module:

As you can see, my Fx Street University Program is very in-depth and comprehensive. There is no fluff and only pure content and strategies that will enable YOU to become a more consistently profitable trader.

There are over 50 Actual Trading Examples that will provide you with a clear view on how I implement my strategies enabling you to literally watch over a professional trader, implement my strategies and profit.

Whether you are veteran trader with years of experience under your belt or a newbie who wants to stop watching from the sidelines and jump into the big game …

Click Here To View The Monthly Performance For One of The Strategy In The Course

Do note that this Fx Street University Course is presented to you in electronic form which means that there is no physical DVD shipped to you.

When you purchase this course later, you will be sent to a registration page to setup your username and password to access to the course materials. You will have access to the materials for lifetime and this course comes with a lifetime update guarantee which means that when I have a new module added to the course, you will get it for free once you purchase this course.

FAQs Regarding This Course

1) How long are you given access to the course material, is there a time limit for it?

Nope, you will have lifetime access to the course so that you can view it over and over again.

2) Is there a physical version of the course?

Nope, the course is only available as the online version where you will get access to a members area to learn everything that is in the course. The reason why it is only available in the online version is to allow me to give all students instant updates to the course as and when it is required.

3) Can I get access to the whole course instead of getting it one module every 3 days?

Yes you can. The purpose of scheduling it every 3 days is to allow you to slowly digest and the practice each module before you moved on to the next. I do not want you to suffer from information overload.

However if you wish to have access to the whole course, you can send me an email once you made the payment and I will give you access to the whole course.

4) Do you provide email support for your students?

Yes of course, students can email me if they have any questions about the course. However I do not reply email on weekends as I reserve those time for my family after 5 intense days of trading. So if you sent me an email on the weekends, I will reply you on Monday.

5) Is there any other hidden payment or indicators that we need to buy in order to use your strategies?

Nope. There is no addition payment required after you bought the course. You will not need to buy any indicators or software in order to use my strategies.

This is the real, money-making, high-profit, hard-charging course you have been waiting for!

Seize the Opportunity NOW to Learn Directly from a Professional Trader and Strategist with the Forex Street University Program

Are you starting to see just how valuable this training is and why I am so excited about bringing this to you today?

Many factors go into determining how much money you will make in the markets. My Fx Street University Program will significantly increase your chances of having a long, successful career in the lucrative world of trading.

Whether your goal is to be your own boss as a stay-at-home trader, or a professional broker, the education you gain in the Program is invaluable and will pay for itself in a very short period. I am convinced it will be one of the best investments you ever make.

The only thing left to do now is to make sure you take advantage of this incredible educational opportunity to get the Forex education of a lifetime from a real professional trader.

Secure Your Place in my Fx Street University Program Now.

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Stop Waiting for Your Trading to Change and Start Doing Something about it NOW

Do you want to finally take your trading to the next level and have the confidence that you will finally be equipped with the proper training and tools that you need?

Now is the time for you to get your access to my Forex Street University Program TODAY and get the comprehensive, interactive educational experience that has traders like yourself raving!

The value that you are getting in this investment is phenomenal!

STOP struggling to master the tricky Forex trading system on your own.

STOP searching for a way to earn automated Forex profits.

STOP envying those who seem to cash in on Forex with ease.

STOP wasting your vital investment money on garbage that doesn't give you RETURNS.

Forex Street University Program is for everyone. Whether you have years of experience trading FX, been financially overexposed in the stock market, have limited time to trade every day, or are a novice trader, you will learn the technical and fundamentals that drive the FX market and it will enhance your trading performance!


Your Investment to Join - SPECIAL PRICING!

In the next few moments we are going to go over how you can get access to Fx Street University Program today.

But first we want to make sure that you are willing to give the Fx Street University Program a sincere chance to show you what it can do.

With that said you are responsible for your own successes and failures. My program is giving you all of the training and tools that you need to be successful. I can only share my knowledge with you. Actually implementing the methods and training tools is your responsibility.

I do not believe in get rich quick schemes. Not once did I promise you that my program will make you rich overnight. So if you’re going to join the Fx Street University Program with the hopes of getting rich overnight this is not for you.

If you are the kind of person who takes action, strives to be profitable, puts in an honest effort, and will stay consistent, then, Fx Street University Program will work for you and you need to join today.

I have made it crystal clear why you really should become a member of the Fx Street University Program and how valuable it is. It really is a no-brainer so let’s move on to how you can join.

I asked around how much we should charge for the Fx Street University Program.

I were told that I could easily charge $5,000 for the Fx Street University program because we know that your ROI on it will be phenomenal. The content, tools and years of expertise are all worth well over $5,000.

With that said…I decided that this is something that needs to be priced high enough to discourage the tire-kickers who really aren’t ready to get serious about making consistent money trading and ruin the experience for everyone…

…yet reasonable enough to include a trader who may have had a tough road up to now and may have limited educational funds in the short term… at this moment.

This is why I am offering this Fx Street University Program for a special price for the next few days. (Do note that there are 2 payment option available for this course)

This special price is to celebrate the 9th Anniversary of my Blog…. If you ACT NOW and you secure your place within Fx Street University for this special price.

Opportunities like this don’t come around often. The question now is, “Are you going to take advantage of it?”

So click on the button below to secure your place in the program while the special Pricing is still available.

Do note that you will be sent to a registration page to setup your username and password soon after you made the payment. With the information, you will be able to access to a members area where you will get to watch the video tutorials and trading examples that I have prepared for you in this course.

Do note that you will receive one new module every 3 days after you made the payment so that you will have the time to practice what you have learned in each module. However if you wish to have access to the whole course at once, please drop me an email once you made the purchase and I will go into the system to give you full access to the whole course immediately.

Do note that you will have lifetime access to the course as well as lifetime update to the course.

Take This Opportunity NOW to FINALLY Take Your Forex Trading To Levels That You Have Always Dreamed Of... Click the Add to Cart Button NOW.

Although the price may sounds steep for some of you, the strategies you’ll learn in Fx Street University will bring you so much more value and success.

With the money you could earn by learning all these strategies in this course, it may even pay for itself … and more!

Do note that you will receive one module every 3 days after you made the payment so that you will have the time to practice what you have learned in each module. However if you wish to have access to the whole course at once, please drop me an email once you made the purchase and I will go into the system to give you full access to the whole course immediately.



Option 1: One Time Payment of $597 $497


Option 2 : $400 Discount Program + Deferred Payment Plan


I understand that a lot of you guys out there have been cheated by those marketers who sell lousy forex courses and signal services that do not work. Personally I have spent over $5,000 on those courses and robots that caused me to wiped out my account twice in a row when I first started forex.

Therefore I decided to come up with this Deferred Payment Plan to mark the 9th anniversary of my blog so that you can try out my Fx Street Uni course for 30 days before you make the payment. At the same time, you will also be given access to my trade copier service for a 60 days trial as well. (Do note that you will be able to use my Forex trade copier service for $97 per month instead of $197 per month for as long as you stay in the service when you join during the promotion)

For the trade copier service, it comes with a "Pay Only For Profitable Month" policy where user will only pay the fee when the service manages to grow your account by at least 5%.

If you are satisfied with the course and signal service at the end of the 30 days, you will then be charged a one time payment of $97 for the course.

If you are not satisfied with the course or the signal service at the end of the 30 days, you will not be charged a single cent for it.

This is how confident I am about my course and service.

IDo note that this is a deal that is specially created to mark the 9th Anniversary of my blog. In this option, you will be given a $400 discount off the promotional $497 price of the course and you will be able to join my course for just $97.

Therefore this promotion is only made available for my 9th Anniversary Promotion which will end by the end of this month.

No matter which option you decide to go with, you will still get the full course plus all the bonuses that is available during this promotion.

If you are interested in this $400 discount program plus the Deferred Payment Plan and wish to find out more, simply drop me an email at


All The Best,
Fx Street University Course

P.S. Today is the day that can change your life forever. Don’t let indecision now cause you regret later. Get Forex Street University TODAY!